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In The Run Up To Christmas...

Is this your year, to host family or friends for Christmas? Are you working up to a small Christmas scene, wondering how to prepare? Fear not: we've put together a few household tips for you, to make your preparations just a little bit easier.


  1. If you've got guests staying on the sofa bed, pre-make it with sheets and lay out towels in advance. This will save time if your evening plans finish up late!

  2. Keep an air bed handy. They fold up into almost no space at all, and some can be inflated automatically.

  3. Invest in a few night lights, the type which plug into wall sockets and turn on automatically in dark rooms. They will light hallways and children's rooms, making nocturnal trips down an unfamiliar hallway much easier for your guests.

  4. Speed clean – If you're pressed for time, just clean the surfaces guests will see, rather than spending time on deep cleaning. Your guests will see the sparkle and only you will know about the dust bunnies under the bed.

  5. De-clutter most used surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom areas and chests of drawers... guests will also bring in their own items which will need space to store. Especially clear the coat area so bulky coats can be hung neatly out of the way.


We can't cook the Christmas dinner for you, but we hope a few of these tips make your Christmas run that little bit easier!

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14/12/2015 by Bennett Walden
Category: News
Tags: Christmas, news, tips, advice, home
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